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Hardscaping is a great way to transform your outdoor areas into space that is more functional, usable, and inviting. Landscaping design should also be given as much consideration and planning as the hardscaping. The two go hand-in-hand and rely on proper drainage and consideration of each individuals use and preferences.
Whether it’s a patio, courtyard, walkway, driveway, retaining wall, fire pit, pool deck, outdoor kitchen, landscaping beds, or other feature, Tinberg Hardscapes can create unique design that will complement and reflect the personality of your home.

Hardscaping 86%
Landscaping 95%
Water Features 78%

1. Consulting and Planning

At Tinberg Hardscapes, we start with a review of your current environment and create a plan based on your desires and our creative solutions.

2. Create and Review 3-D Renderings

This step ensures we are all on the same page and gives us a clear idea of our approach prior to breaking ground. It takes the guess work out of the process.

3. Creation Time

Based on the approved 3-D renderings and budget, we move forward to bring your dream outdoor living space to life. Sit back and enjoy the transformation!

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What we can do

Our Services


We provide consulting, planning, and 3-D renderings together with pavers, stone, and concrete to create your patio, walkway, retaining wall, outdoor kitchen, fireplace, pool surround and much more.


Do you want irrigation, beds, berms, shade, better curb appeal, or have drainage issues? We can help! Our 3-D renderings will map out the plan. We will incorporate dirt, mulch, grass, lighting, stone, terracing and more to your satisfaction.

Water Features

Water features turn your landscape into an oasis with a focal point and attract wildlife. Projects range from simple peaceful ponds to dry creek beds that span your property…ending in a pool of water plants and koi fish.

Landscape Lighting

Why let the beauty of your property go dark at night? Highlight trees, plants and your house with cost effective low-voltage lighting that also provides a security benefit by providing pathway and entryway visibility.

Sprinkler Repair

Tinberg Hardscapes provides maintenance and repair of your existing sprinkler. From synchronizing and adjusting your zones, head replacement and repair, and winterizing your system to prevent damage from freezing.

Holiday Lighting

Lighting. Without the hassle (think Christmas Vacation).We have been providing residential holiday lighting for over 10 years and know how to bring the magic to your home using state of the art LED lighting systems. Start today!
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Water Features

Water Features

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Lighting & Holiday

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The Master Hardscaper

Meet Gabe

Gabe Tinberg

Gabe Tinberg

Owner, President, Master Hardscaper
Working as a landscaper at the age of 14, Gabe Tinberg spent years transforming outdoor spaces and in 1997, he started Tinberg Hardscapes. He and has been recognized nationally and regionally for his award winning design in hardscaping and landscaping.  Gabe has won the national HNA (Hardscape North America) award for residential hardscaping and the regional Outdoor Living Challenge top prize where his creativity and attention to details set him above the other competitors.

Gabe’s approach is to create an artistic outdoor space in harmony with the existing environment and to provide useable and awe-inspiring entertaining areas. His blend of listening to client desires, understanding environmental challenges, planning and 3-D drawings set the stage for a creation that will set your outdoors apart and be sustainable for years to come. Contact Gabe today! 913-441-2285

Retreat to your amazing outdoor living space.
Hardscaping is all about creating your personal escape.